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  • Discover The Editory Riverside Hotel’s storied railway heritage, a longstanding legacy that continues to this day. Residing inside the southern wing of Lisbon’s Santa Apolónia Station, the city’s first-ever train station and the oldest railway terminus in Portugal, the hotel sees millions of travelers pass through the bustling hub each year as they jet off across Lisbon and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula.

  • Admire the handsome Neoclassical façade of The Editory Riverside Hotel and the rest of Santa Apolónia Station. Opened in 1865, this Classical Revival-style building nods to the stately Greco-Roman architectural aesthetic with its grand portico, prominent pediment, and visible round-arch supports.

  • Follow in the footsteps of the nuns who once called this corner of Lisbon home, before the groundbreaking for Santa Apolónia Station in 1862. The ground where The Editory Riverside Hotel and train station sit today was previously the site of the Convent of Santa Apolónia. Named for Saint Apollonia, a martyr who refused to denounce her faith and the patron saint of dentistry, due to her torturers extracting her teeth. The nuns remained at the convent until 1933.

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