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  • Scrambled eggs with hair & snobbish stuff

    Scrambled eggs with hair & snobbish stuff

    by karinarosss on 2020-10-01 03:34 am

    Tivoli in Sintra is a beautiful hotel with old classic charm and stunning and unique location. The last was the reason we chose this hotel hoping to have a rest after our long trip through Portugal which we make with a little baby. Because my baby sometimes sleeps in our bed, when booking, I asked for a king size bed that with total amount came to EUR 800 for two nights. Upon arrival we got a room with a queen size bed (read small) which was not what we asked for and then were offered another room with the king size bed but with extra charge of EUR30 per night.

    At the day of our arrival the owners of the hotel were privately celebrating the hotel anniversary in the central courtyard of the hotel with a little concert organized and a few seats prepared only for invited people.
    None of the hotel guests (and there were just a few of them) were invited to see the concert and when we asked for permission to join it we were suggested to go to the back side of courtyard and watch it from a far and - standing on the stairs. I immediately imagined a scene from the old medieval time where nobles feast, and the plebeians look at it through the cracks of the fence. This offer gave me an offensive feeling and I refused to do it.

    When I came at the restaurant - where I left later EUR300 for a dinner - I was asked by a waiter to take off my cap. Really? Is your staff trained to tell the guests what to do and how to dress up?

    Next morning I woke up around 7 am because of a terrible noise. They cleaned up the garden from the concert - which I was not aloud to join - contraction of the previous day. At that hour? Doesn't it occur to your mind that the core business of the hotel is to provide a rest to your guests and not to solve your own noisy problems in improper hour? Guests are not count here.

    During our stay, the windows were banging from the wind, it was super noisy and annoying. I had to fix it myself.

    At the breakfast the next day we found a men's hair in my baby's egg dish. And the only thing they lady said was - "oh sorry". That's all. We could not enjoy the breakfast anymore and the next day we have ordered boiled eggs because I could not imagine eating another scrambled eggs in this place.

    We did had nice experience with Louis at the restaurant and the doorman who were friendly to us but the rest of our time here we experienced as very impersonal and unfriendly with snobbish and arrogant stuff

  • Wonderful hotel with lovely staff

    Wonderful hotel with lovely staff

    by Antonia W on 2020-09-28 02:36 pm

    I stayed here for 4 days with my daughter & her friend to celebrate daughter's 21st., as Covid-19 had cancelled her celebrations: so I needed this to be a special treat, and indeed it was. The hotel itself, in a restored 18th century palacio, was glorious inside and out, with magnificent paintings and frescoes throughout, and wonderful gardens & pool.

    Hotel staff were meticulous about maintaining cleaniness and social distancing, though this was all done very unobtrusively, with free masks and sanitisers dotted around and a general air of calm and serenity. Hotel occupancy was very low, as it is everywhere; but there was a general atmosphere of carrying on with a smile, and it was lovely for us to have so much space to enjoy without a crowd.

    The food was so good that we had to give up and stick to one course only by the end, in case we started ballooning. The beautiful rococo dining room also had a beautiful menu and wine list, with a fab cocktail bar next door. The rooms were so comfortable that I wanted to steal the pillows. But the most important thing was that the staff were SO kind and helpful. As we didn't have much time and didn't understand the geography of Sintra, they spent time talking us through maps and routes, and ensuring that reliable drivers were booked for us when we needed them.

    I LOVED this place and the charming people who work there. I hope so much that they can all battle through the current Covid-19 down-turn and emerge to be as much appreciated as they deserve.

  • Amazing place

    Amazing place

    by nnnnes on 2020-08-15 01:37 pm

    The beds are very comfortable, the bedrooms have amazing views. The swimming pool is a splendid place to spend a lazy afternoon. Nearby there are many nice places to visit. The gardens are well kept and quiet. A really nice place to stay.

  • Relaxation and outdoors experience

    Relaxation and outdoors experience

    by margueyyates on 2020-08-13 00:18 am

    An elegant 18th century palace turned into a gracious hotel with very attentive, well-trained staff. From the room we had a stunning view of A Pena Palace and the Moorish castle; from the grounds and pool we could see Cabo da Roca and the Atlantic. To complete the lovely experience I recommend Catia Martins's wellness treatment in the Anantara Spa located in the ancient dove coot.

  • Wonderful!


    by Visser1234 on 2020-07-30 12:02 am

    We've had an excellent stay in the best "museum" hotel of Sintra. Breakfast, diner, etc. everything was great!

    Staff is really professional and kind. A special thanks to Filipa for her excellent help and care during our stay.

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