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Anantara Spa

Immerse in centuries of history, elegance, and splendor in a unique palatial atmosphere and enjoy mystical and age-old Asian techniques to take care of the body, mind, and soul. Set amidst the distinctly charismatic and luxuriant hills of one of the most surprisingly traditional and magical regions of Portugal, guests will find the Anantara Spa at Tivoli Palácio de Seteais.

This indulgent spa reflects every detail of the luxury for which this special hotel is justly famous. Personifying the Anantara ethos, it has an international touch, rooted in Asian therapies and European tradition, fused with local and authentic elements unique to the 18th century palace and the picturesque town of Sintra. The result is a paradise of exoticism where holistic well-being and serenity sit side by side with the astounding beauty of the Sintra Mountains and the comfort which only the sublime Tivoli Palácio de Seteais can offer.

Based on timeless healing traditions, the Anantara Spa is designed to restore balance between body and mind in an oasis of beauty and tranquility. It has three luxurious spa treatment rooms, including a suite for couples looking for an unforgettable experience of delight and relaxation, and an exclusive Vichy experience.

Luxury is an intrinsic part of this astounding spa, where therapeutic elixirs are infused in precious oils, made with rare and carefully selected local elements, providing the key to an ultra-sensory journey in all signature treatments.

A body massage that embraces lomi-lomi techniques and hot cataplasms scented with rosemary, sandalwood, and orange blossom, result in total relaxation and relief of built up muscle stress. The principle on which the Anantara Seteais Royal Experience is based is a voyage of pleasure and sensuality, which culminates in a facial vinotherapy session to leave the skin moisturized and radiant. This therapy uses some of the most brilliant examples of Colares Wine, which has been produced locally on the slopes of the Sintra Mountains since the 12th century.

The Anti-Oxidant Body Ritual centers on a purifying exfoliation and a toning body wrap, followed by a long aromatherapy treatment using the special local Colares Wine, with its antioxidant properties which help fight free radicals and signs of ageing, restoring collagen and elastin, essential for a healthy and youthful appearance.

Based on the experience of the Anantara Spa specialists and treatments, a collection of highly specialized and personalized rituals, combined with truly luxurious care, creates powerful and long-lasting benefits for the body, mind, and soul.

The Anantara Signature Massage brings together an exclusive mixture of oils, with movements and unique techniques, to stimulate circulation, promoting deep relaxation while restoring energy flow along meridian lines.

Tailored to meet individual conditions, the Bespoke Spa Experience focuses treatment on where it is most needed with the respective resulting benefits. This highly effective approach is complemented with exclusive products.

Facial care is taken to a different level with expertise by Biologique Recherche and the vast selection of products in its specialist portfolio. These products meet the most demanding of standards for beauty, along with the quality and sophistication of the most recent trends and treatments in skincare.

Following the ancient Greek maxim of a healthy mind in a healthy body, this spa has a series of activities and revitalizing programs, such as yoga, meditation, and walks to create the ideal symbiosis between a healthy and active routine, the well-deserved relaxation of a holiday and the stunning setting of a palace brimming with captivating frescos and period furnishings.

Surrounded by centuries old trees and beautiful flowers, there is a herb garden creating an explosion of color and flavors, which adds a touch of originality, as well as being a reflection of the approach to sustainability. Lemongrass, lavender, rosemary, basil, mint, jasmine, and hibiscus are just some of the aromas which will turn a simple stroll outside into a fairy tale experience.

With the guarantee of unparalleled hospitality, the Anantara Spa invites guests to a haven of peace and tranquility, to enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating experience in an atmosphere which oozes comfort and quality, as well as service of the highest order which Tivoli is renowned for and proud to provide in an iconic setting.

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