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• Explore the Berea College campus with a student tour guide for an overview of historic campus buildings and student craft industries, which produce traditional broom craft, pottery, and ironwork. These items and the student-produced weavings and furniture that fill the hotel's guest accommodations are also available for purchase at the Visitors Center.

• Admire Berea College's historic commitment to quality education for all. Founded by abolitionists in 1855, the college was the first in the South to be both racially integrated and coeducational, opening its doors to 96 African American students and 91 White students for its first full year of classes following the Civil War.

• Appreciate the can-do spirit of Berea College students. Berea students are the college's lifeblood, with each required to work 10 hours minimum per week somewhere on campus, earning them room, board, and books. Despite the employment aspect of Berea College, students pay no annual tuition due to contributions from generous donors.

• Visit the Appalachian art gallery on campus, which showcases regional arts and culture. The college also is the site of the Dimitrie Berea Art Gallery, containing a collection of artworks by the acclaimed Romanian-born painter.

• Take a drive along the Kentucky Scenic Byways and explore the beauty of bluegrass country. Berea is also the starting terminus of the Kentucky Country Music Highway.

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