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  • Wonderful service and accommodations

    Wonderful service and accommodations

    by ruben146 on 2020-06-29 03:38 am

    Staff was professional and extremely courteous. The hotel had been around for ever, but never seems to provide less than exceptional accommodations, food, bar, shops and service.

    The hotel has great views of Anchorage and the Bay and Mountains.

  • Greedy Management

    Greedy Management

    by bill s on 2020-06-07 07:11 am

    Last September, my wife and I planned our annual visit to Alaska. We cut a trip by a 2 night stay in Seattle. Once our plane arrived at the Seattle, I was hit with a stroke that required an emergency stay in Highland Hospital in Seattle. Naturally, our 2nd leg to the Captain Cook Hotel in Anchorage was canceled. We've called the hotel talked with many hotel people, forwarded written medical history, and after all these months never received our refund because the Captain Cook advised us that our cancellation request was late and the hotel's policy is denying a late request.
    Nice operation, huh?

  • Wonderful Hotel

    Wonderful Hotel

    by redhead_roaming on 2020-05-28 04:43 pm

    We stayed here for two nights and really enjoyed our time! They have a great location so we were within walking distance of some nice restaurants and some basic things to do within the city of Anchorage. We went to their hotel bar for drinks and an appetizer before dinner one night and wandered the gorgeous hallways, looking at the decor. It's such a cozy hotel without being old and rundown.

    The cherry on top was this was my husband's business trip, which I was tagging along for as it's not normal to be in the same city two nights in a row so I thought we could explore Anchorage together during his off time. Technically, he was supposed to be checking out of his room after the first day and then they check you back in once you're back at the end of the day, most likely to a whole different room. This is 100% normal in his industry. My husband spoke with the front desk and they graciously allowed me to stay in the room. I had my bag packed and everything, expecting they'd say no, which they would have been in their right to do and no one would have been mad. The staff were so incredibly nice - I can't say anything bad about anyone we encountered.

  • Probably the best hotel in Anchorage

    Probably the best hotel in Anchorage

    by Alex77346 on 2020-03-26 07:35 pm

    Stayed at the Captain Cook late January/early February 2020. The location is very convenient and you can walk to downtown destinations, like the 5th Ave. Mall, if you can handle the cold.

    The room was superb, with excellent views and windows you can open. The food at the various restaurants was very good and the service was great.

    I would highly recommend the Captain Cook if you want a taste of luxury. Not many other hotels like it in town.

  • Poor Customer Service!

    Poor Customer Service!

    by amylN8366TW on 2020-03-19 10:53 am

    The State of Alaska canceled a conference that my company was supposed to speak at so we called the Hotel to cancel our reservation and were treated extremely poorly and they refused to refund our cancelation fees. This hurts small businesses, In this time of travel bans and being asked not to travel with Corona it seems that they would offer compassion and empathy, but NO just greed. I would never ever recommend this hotel!!!

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