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General Lloyd Aspinwall, a founding member of the Jekyll Island Club in Jekyll Island, Ga., was to be its first president. However, he died unexpectedly on September 4, 1886, more than a year before the club would officially open. Letters dated from later years, reveal that certain members had seen the general, hands clasped behind him in military manner, walking the Riverfront Veranda about dusk...on September 4th. Today, that area of the veranda is a sunroom that, interestingly enough, bears the name, the Aspinwall Room.

Guests at hotel have been surprised to find their coffee sipped and morning paper read. It certainly isn't due to a lack of service or hospitality. Each morning at this exclusive hunt club, Samuel Spencer, president of the Southern Railroad Company, insisted the Wall Street Journal be delivered to his room. For years, it was his ritual to drink a cup of coffee while scanning the paper. In 1906, he was killed instantly in a train accident. For years, club members and hotel guests who occupied Spencer's room, have found copies of their newspaper disturbed, moved or folded in their absence. Coffee cups have been mysteriously poured or "sipped on" when guests returned from the shower or a brief outing.

More than one bridegroom has inquired about the mysterious bellman at the hotel, as well. It seems this "bellman" is dressed in a cap and suit reminiscent of a 1920s movie. He delivers freshly pressed suits to bridegrooms and has been seen mostly on the second floor, knocking gently on the guestroom door announcing his delivery.

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