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  • Excellent Event Venue

    Excellent Event Venue

    by Pat B on 2021-01-13 07:45 am

    In October 2020, my company held a 3-day donor event at Jekyll Island Club Resort. The staff were extraordinarily gracious and accommodating, the food was excellent, and the accommodations beautiful and comfortable. We highly recommend and look forward to return visits.

  • Quiet location

    Quiet location

    by KenzieZZ on 2021-01-09 02:20 am

    First time staying here. We were in the Sans Souci building on the 3rd flight. Really appreciated the quiet location. Room was nice size however needed some work to truly make it more memorable. The furniture placement was interesting as the one side of the bed was so close to the armoire. You were not able to get out of that side of bed! The doors all stuck. The hallway storage door was wide open as it couldn't shut properly. Our room also need a sprucing up with paint as it was very worn in most areas. The coffee maker had to be plugged in on the floor next to the there was no plug on top of the bureau. Some of the light switches didn't work and one light was left unplugged. With all of the "issues" we still enjoyed our stay but would hope they would be addressed. (we did call the front desk about the bed issue and again made the comment as we were checking out.)

  • Thee way things should be!

    Thee way things should be!

    by IAMMINDFULL I on 2021-01-08 05:48 am

    Who knew?! Been living in Florida for decades and never knew this place or island even exited! We are so happy that we found it! We stopped on our way back from winter vacation in Georgia mountains. The place itself is so amazing! The grounds impeccable. The history so cool! The service is first class all the way by everyone! We will be back for sure!

  • Great atmosphere! Average service and food.

    Great atmosphere! Average service and food.

    by Damon D on 2021-01-05 06:39 am

    My wife and I travel regularly over New Year's due to our Anniversary. We always travel sans children so it is our time together. This year we decided on Jekyll Island Club Resort, due to COVID travel restrictions and the difficulty of traveling internationally we decided to stay as local as possible.

    I will start off by saying the rooms, beds, and bathrooms are comfortable. Yes the property is old but it is well maintained and taken care of. The overall ambiance of the club is great but that's where the greatness stops.

    Outside of the New Year's Eve Dinner, the best food we had was from The Pantry which is a small deli style shop attached to the club, and a Chili-Dog from Doc's Snack Shack. Breakfast was extremely underwhelming and the best breakfast on the menu was the Salmon, Bagel, and Cream Cheese. I will give props though on the Eggs Benedict, a good poached egg and hollandaise are hard to come by but they executed the Benny very well. The potatoes you could tell sat under a warming lamp for too long as they were stale. For the level of this Club, I expect fresh sausage, not frozen sausage tossed in a microwave for breakfast.

    The service was average at best. My wife and I joke about the repeated attempts to get coffee, sugar, sweetener, creamer, and mugs to our room. We would call the front desk and we would get on average 3 of the 5 things we asked for. It was like no one was actually reading the request in the system OR they were not listening to us when we put the request in, I cannot tell which. It became a game for us to see what we would get no matter if we called OR went to the front desk and asked. No matter what though, it was never correct.

    The hotel was also not staffed well for the number of people that were present. My wife and I both worked in hospitality and on a number of occasions walked around with a tray cleaning up glasses from the sitting areas around the bar. It was like a frat party all the time and there was no one present or willing to clean up the number of glasses present. There were 3 weddings over New Year's plus they had a New Year's package deal, yet they only had one bar open with one bartender. Luckily my wife and I brought our own Old Fashion bar and a couple of bottles of wine or else we would never have had a drink.

    Based on the amenities I would consider staying here again. Based on food and service I would not.

  • Southern hospitality at its finest

    Southern hospitality at its finest

    by EP561305 on 2020-12-26 08:01 am

    Spent a beautiful Christmas night at the Jekyll Island Club Resort. The property is full of Christmas lights and is a must see during Christmas time. Taylor M. at the front desk made us feel at home and made the check in process easy even during COVID19. Looking forward to staying here again soon.

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