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  • Be inspired by The Commonwealth’s creative spirit. The city of Richmond is home to a thriving art scene, from a kaleidoscope of vibrant street art dotted throughout the downtown area and beyond (more than 150 pieces in all!) to its average of 14.5 tattoo shops per 100,000 people, earning it the title of the third most-tattooed city in the country. The Commonwealth carries on that artistic tradition, with furnishings hand-crafted by area artisans, artworks created by local artists (including its own colorful murals), and doors to guestrooms decorated with unique, tattoo-inspired designs.

  • Admire the building’s distinguished Classical Revival-style architecture. Also known as Neoclassical, the aesthetic pays homage to the grandeur of Greco-Roman details and is a favored design style for government buildings the world over, making it a fitting choice for a hotel located just across from the Virginia State Capitol.

  • Trace the history of The Commonwealth from a bustling tavern to an iconic Richmond hotel. Opened on the corner of 9th and Bank Street by German immigrant Louis Rueger, Rueger’s tavern was a popular watering hole until the Civil War, when the building was seized by the Confederacy and used as the headquarters for the Commodore of the Confederate Navy, only to be destroyed in 1865. Later, Reuger returned from his forced retreat to his homeland and built his beloved saloon to be bigger and better than ever. He eventually opened the first iteration of the Hotel Reuger, a humble, three-story building with only 24 rooms, in 1901. His grandson, William, ultimately opened what would become The Commonwealth a little over ten years later.

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