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  • Delve into the Great Rebellion and its enduring legacy at the American Civil War Museum. Made up of three separate locations, including the former White House of the Confederacy, the American Civil War Museum not only serves as a repository of more than 120,000 artifacts from the period but also examines the conflict’s continuing impact. Lending further gravitas and a unique perspective to the museum is its location in the former capital of the Confederacy.

  • Step into a piece of American history at St. John’s Church. Designated as a National Historic Landmark, this active church played host to the Second Virginia Convention in March of 1775, when it was then known as Henrico Parish Church. In attendance at the gathering were prominent Virginians like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Peyton Randolph, and Patrick Henry, who famously lit the spark of the Revolutionary War with his stirring words, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Along with daily tours, St. John’s Church commemorates Patrick Henry’s immortal speech with occasional public reenactments featuring a cast of professional actors.

  • Pay tribute to one of the greatest American authors at The Poe Museum. Consisting of three different buildings—including, most notably, the Old Stone House, the most historic residential building still standing in Richmond—the Edgar Allen Poe Museum commemorates the writer’s time in his hometown. (Interestingly, Poe himself never actually lived in the home. However, he did pass by it often throughout his teenage years as a member of the junior honor color guard tasked with escorting General Marquis de Lafayette around the city during the Revolutionary War.) Today, literary enthusiasts can peruse the museum’s collection of Poe artifacts, ephemera, and memorabilia, the largest of its kind in the world.

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