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• Look up at The Dunhill Hotel’s original façade from 1929, when it opened as the Mayfair Manor. This is the only historic and boutique hotel in Charlotte, and one of Uptown Charlotte's few remaining historic landmarks. The hotel's excellent location is within walking distance of art galleries, museums, diverse dining experiences, shopping, and nightlife.

• Admire the beautifully restored Classic Revival-style architecture of The Dunhill Hotel. Original wooden or marble floors were retained where possible, guest rooms were configured to fit the original structure, period-appropriate chandeliers were installed, and downstairs from the lobby is a case full of postcards, photographs, and other historic mementos and memorabilia.

• Discover The Dunhill Hotel's large collection of artwork by Phillip Moose (1921-2001) displayed throughout the hotel. The North Carolina painter and professor was a Pulitzer prize-winning Fulbright scholar who taught art classes at Davidson College and Queens College, both in the area. His artwork has been displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and is in the permanent collections of the Mint Museum in Charlotte, the North Carolina Museum of Art, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta.
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