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  • Experience the fun and excitement of Hersheypark®! It was originally created as leisure grounds for Hershey's Chocolate Factory employees. Just hop on the hotel's complimentary shuttle bus and have fun at the family theme park enjoyed by guests from around the world. In addition, Hersheypark® Stadium and Hersheypark® Arena host a year-round schedule of events, including professional and regional sporting events, theatre acts, concerts, and much more.

  • Go on exciting day trips to the many cultural, historical, educational, and entertaining attractions in the region, just an hour's drive from the centrally located hotel. Take a Susquehanna River cruise or explore the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg. Visit the Gettysburg National Military Park, which includes the Gettysburg National Cemetery, and see Civil War artifacts in the museum.

  • Learn about Amish culture in Lancaster—wander the back roads, eat lunch at a Pennsylvania Dutch buffet, stop by Amish-owned farms to buy artisanal cheeses or ice cream, and check out the handmade quilts in shops. Just keep in mind most Amish-owned businesses are closed on Sundays.

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