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  • Explore the extraordinary Hershey Gardens, to which guests of the hotel have long enjoyed complimentary admission. Hershey Gardens was established in 1937 upon Mr. Hershey's instructions that "a nice garden of roses" be planted within walking distance of the newly completed hotel. Today, a collection of 11 botanical display gardens, glass conservatories, and an atrium showcasing butterflies from around the world occupy more than 20 acres of the hotel's property.

  • Enjoy a performance at the historic Hershey Theatre. This downtown establishment is a beautiful location to watch touring Broadway shows, concerts, dance performances, and more.

  • Walk through the life story of Milton S. Hershey at The Hershey Story Museum, with complimentary admission for hotel guests. Interact with exhibits and learn about his life—from his upbringing to early struggles to sweet success with Hershey’s chocolate and the town he built, Hershey, The Sweetest Place On Earth.

  • Explore ZooAmerica, the 11-acre home to more than 75 animal species, some of whom are endangered and rare. The zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums and includes conservation and education in its mission. Three unique Behind-The-Scenes tours are also available.

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