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Discover The Hotel Hershey, the architecturally stunning hotel, which overlooks the famous Hershey Chocolate Factory founded by Milton S. Hershey.

The Hotel Hershey, a member of Historic Hotels of America since 1991, dates back to 1933.


The Hotel Hershey® was constructed amid the great economic calamity that affected most of the world during the 1930s.

Having perfected his formula for milk chocolate and constructed the factory three decades earlier, Milton S. Hershey was presented with a dilemma during the Depression. Hershey was faced with the prospect of either employing his town's construction workers or providing for their welfare. Strongly objected by his close friends and associates, who urged him to conserve his resources, and his mother, who said the idea was hopelessly extravagant, Hershey ultimately decided to fulfill a longtime dream of his and his wife, and build a hotel overlooking the town and his factory.

Inspired by their travels, the Hershey's originally dreamed of recreating the elaborate Heliopolis Hotel in Cairo, Egypt which boasts an extravagant red-tiled estate affording royal suites, marble stairways, and vibrant gardens and fountains. Hershey's plan to build the grand Egyptian hotel was deterred when construction costs were estimated to be over $5 million dollars.

Hershey began developing a new vision for his hotel, giving his architect and chief engineer D. Paul Witmer a postcard of a hotel the Hersheys had enjoyed on the Mediterranean. In addition to the postcard, the Hershey's used various notes of their travels to incorporate into the design of the new hotel, including Spanish patios, tiled floors, fountains, and a dining room with stunning views from every table.

Beginning in 1931, Witmer along with 800 steelworkers, masons, carpenters, and other craftsmen and laborers were instructed to create a 170-room hotel. The hotel was completed on May 23, 1933, which Hershey celebrated with a formal opening on May 26, 1933 with a dinner and dance for 400 guests. Throughout the years, The Hotel Hershey has experienced many additions and enhancements."

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