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The Union Station offers comprehensive ADA-accessible features in guestrooms, suites, and bathrooms, and throughout the hotel grounds. It is honored to welcome each and every guest and committed to accommodating their needs.


ADA Accessible Guestroom Features:


  • Visual alarm available on request
  • Wheelchair accessible route in room
  • Telephone with visual call alert available on request
  • Communication kits available with strobe lights, visual door knocker, hearing devices
  • Power outlets within four inches of telephone
  • Power outlets with a clear space in front of at least one outlet 15 inches from ground
  • Table and/or desk height accessible with knee space of 27 inches (width) and 34 inches (height)
  • Telephone with volume control available on request
  • Hearing impaired light alerts available on request
  • Standing lamp touch control/ desk lamp with knob control
  • Lowered individual thermostat control
  • Drapery controls with a 36-inch clear path within reach
  • Wands lowered with arm hoops
  • Bars and/or shelving lowered in closet
  • Accessible path of travel around beds
  • Low level iron


ADA Accessible Bathroom Features:


  • Lower counter height with access to pull underneath
  • Lower mirrors
  • Raised toilet seat available on request
  • Grab bars at tub
  • Tub seat available
  • Portable shower seat
  • Hand-held shower wand
  • Low level towel hooks and racks


Other ADA Accessible Features:


  • Main entrance and side entrance provide accessible routes
  • Accessible route to restaurant and bar
  • Business center is accessible
  • Fitness center is accessible
  • Registration desk – guest is escorted by staff to accessible desk area in lobby
  • Fitness area entrance and paths between equipment accessible
  • Dining facilities accessible
  • Two handicapped parking spaces at hotel – both van accessible
  • Six accessible meeting rooms
  • Doorways to and within accessible guest rooms are wheelchair accessible
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