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• Taste some amazing Nashville Hot Chicken when out exploring the Music City. The city’s signature dish, this simple—yet delectable dish—consists of fried chicken with a wonderful blend of hot spices. Perhaps the best place in Nashville to try some quintessential Hot Chicken is at Prince’s Hot Chicken, which has been around for several decades.

• Savor a local favorite known as the “Meat & Three.” This unique dish is a plate featuring a combination of meatloaf, brisket, country fried steak, or ham that is served alongside three side servings of vegetables. Those vegetables are traditionally mashed potatoes, black-eyed peas, and collard greens, although chefs now offer more modern varieties.

• Sample a delicious treat called the “Goo Goo Cluster.” A Goo Goo Cluster is a small candy that is made with a mixture of caramel, marshmallow nougat, and milk chocolate as well as a few small peanut chunks. Goo Goo Clusters are occasionally served as toppings for deserts, including cakes and ice cream.

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