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Discover the Alsisar Haveli, which was once the personal vacation retreat for the prominent Alsisar family.

Built in 1892 as a traditional Rajasthani-style haveli or manor house, Alsisar Haveli was originally an additional residence for the Thakur (lord) of Alsisar to occupy while visiting the bustling city of Jaipur. While the hotel's construction dates to the late 19th century, the Alsisar family has a long and prestigious history within India as descendents of the Shekhawat clan. Over five centuries ago, the great warrior Maharao Shekhaji established a sub-clan of the “Kachawa” clan of Rajputs. This clan is popularly known as the Shekhawat and has since been the namesake for the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Northern India, which comprises the districts of Jhunjhunu, Sikar, Churu and Jaipur. Today, Alsisar Haveli has been reestablished into a luxury historic hotel and remains operated by the Alsisar family.