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  • Discover the traditional architecture of Garden Hotel Suzhou’s Classical Suzhou Garden. In the historic city of Suzhou, gardens have been a staple part of the landscape for centuries, and the city is considered to be home to the most spectacular Chinese gardens in the world. The Gardens at Garden Hotel Suzhou embody this legacy, offering visitors to the region the unique opportunity to live among artistic rockeries, jade-green ponds and trickling waterfalls during their stay.

  • Venture into Lin Biao’s bunker museum, built under the former residence of Jiang Weiguo at Garden Hotel Suzhou. Also known as the site of “Project 571,” a numeric codename (in Mandarin, the numbers "5-7-1" sound like the word for "armed uprising), this museum details the historic development and aftermath of the Lin Biao Antirevolutionary Group’s attempted coup d'état against Chairman Mao. In the 1960s and the 1970s, Lin Biao stayed in Garden Hotel Suzhou three times and enjoyed his stay so much that he determined to build a residence on the property. In April 1970, Lin Biao began construction of an underground command center known as the “Temporary Palace.” From February to March, 1971, Lin Biao resided in this underground bunker with his wife and son. It is believed that it was during this time that the full plans for Project 571 were developed.

  • Discover the Shanqing Buddha Hall. Built in the eighth year of Emperor Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1869), the Shanqing Buddha Hall was incorporated into the Garden Hotel Suzhou complex in 1958. In 2005, a dedicated restoration of Shanqing Buddha Hall began, using historical photos of the complex for reference. The completion ceremony was held on July 24 of the same year. Today, the hall not only provides a tourism attraction of historical value for both foreign and domestic tourists, but also contributes to preserving the cultural relics of Suzhou.

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