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• Discover the eclectic historical façade of the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras, which consists of three interlinked buildings constructed between 1893 and 1923. The oldest building, Jánošík, is named after the Slovakian national hero, and this small romantic villa features an engraved façade. Kriváň, named after the Slovakian national peak, was a grand hotel built in the Belle Époque era in the Secession style. Hviezdoslav, named after the great Slovak poet, features Rondo-Cubism-style interiors and was later used as a sanatorium.

• Discover the historic interiors of the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras. Architect Peter Černo relied on archival materials, historical photos, and other documents to guide the reconstruction process, from the richly furnished interiors of Jánošík, to the Secession-style furnishings of Kriváň, and the Rondo-Cubism-style furnishings of Hviezdoslav.

• Discover the historic accommodations of the Grand Hotel Kempinski High Tatras, which provide spectacular mountain, lake, or valley views. These accommodations have been graced by many illustrious guests over the years, including Archduke Charles Stephen of Austria.
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