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Located in Villa Emilia, T Spa is a multi-award winning oasis of wellness. From skincare to massage, the treatments at T Spa will leave any guest in a state of utter relaxation. Whether looking to rejuvenate, revitalize, or simply escape the world for a few moments, T Spa has the treatment to perfectly meet any need. Its rituals are inspired by ancient cultures and avantgarde treatments that always performed by highly trained practitioners. They are so effective and therapeutically beneficial, that guests will be left overwhelmed.

T Spa has specifically formed a partnership with Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, a historic brand and ideal partner to offer guests an Italian wellness experience “perfectly tailored to the lake.” Santa Maria Novella, founded in Florence in 1612, has centuries of expertise in herbal medicine and perfumery, with craftmanship handed down from generation to generation, guaranteeing an unmatched excellence for our guests. The treatments studied by Santa Maria Novella for the T Spa are characterized by their uniqueness, employing local, natural ingredients which vary with the seasons for all-year-round authenticity.

Heat has been used since antiquity to promote wellness. The Turkish bath, Mediterranean steam room, sauna with lake views, emotional showers, ice fountain, and a relaxation area bedecked in onyx stone are available for as long as anyone pleases. As guests move from space to space, they always take the time to recognize the effects the heat is having on their mind and body – relieved tension, improved circulation, softer skin and, of course, a feeling of total wellbeing.

Guests will also adore the two special suites located within the T-Spa. The T-Suite is a lavish haven, perfect for hiding away for hours at a time. Indulge in the whirlpool tub, sauna, steam bath with contrast cascade shower and dreamy couples massage and feel completely re-energized. The Hammam Suite is a traditional Hammam made of beautiful white Lasa marble. Experience a full body Turkish cleansing ritual that will leave the mind and body completely revitalized. And as glamorous as the golden age of Hollywood, the Mosaico Studio will also treat guests to manicure and hair dressing services fit for a movie star.

The T-Spa is even the home to a magnificent Infinity Pool. Two strips of azure water linked by an arched passage flow boundlessly into the lake in a breath-taking illusion. As guests dip into the warm waters, they give permission to succumb to the beauty of the surroundings and be enveloped in a feeling of total relaxation. Five hydro-massage experiences are hidden in different corners of the pool, further enhancing the experience. There is even an adjustable current to swim against, too. Dip in and feel the waters and the view melt all tension away.

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