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  • Discover the noble history of Heritage Hotel Kaštelet. Constructed in 1766 for aristocrat, philosopher, and writer Don Klement Grubišić, this former summer house holds a distinguished place in Croatia’s story. Not only a nobleman, Grubišić was also a trained Jesuit who frequently traveled to Venice to study pursuits like theology and law. It was there that he developed a deep interest in ancient Croatian runes, known as Glagolitsa. (The oldest-known Slavic script, the Glagolitic alphabet was introduced in the mid-9th century and continued to be used throughout Croatia for 1,000 years, up until the 19th century.) In fact, it is thought that one of the first recorded discussions about Glagolitic script took place in Grubišić’s summer home, now Heritage Hotel Kaštelet. His fascination with the language eventually led him to become one of the time’s foremost authorities on medieval Slavic history and traditions.

  • Marvel at the hotel’s palatial setting, which once led travel writer and cartographer Alberto Fortis to compare it favorably to the grand manors of the Italian countryside. Built out of white Dalmatian stone in the shape of a closed quadrangle, this villa has been a magnificent landmark of the Makarska Riviera for more than 250 years, playing host to visiting dignitaries throughout the 18th century. From dramatic archways to the Grubišić family’s coat of arms, the elegant country estate maintains many of its original stone features. However, the highlight of this former summer residence is its spacious central courtyard. Dotted with olive trees and comfortable seating areas, it is the perfect place to greet the morning with a cup of coffee or unwind after a day of adventures.

  • Take advantage of the hotel’s beachfront location. As conveniently situated as it is picturesque, Heritage Hotel Kaštelet is nestled along a seaside promenade, only a few short steps from one of Tučepi’s sun-soaked, pebbled beaches. This awe-inspiring view can be enjoyed by a few fortunate travelers from their Adriatic-facing guestrooms or by simply taking an easy stroll to the shoreline. There, guests can luxuriate in the region’s more than 2,700 hours of annual sunshine from the comfort of a lounger or beneath a parasol, which can be reserved through hotel reception. For those hoping to explore the rest of Tučepi, the town center is just as simple to reach, located roughly a five- to ten-minute walk away.

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