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  • Gaze upon one of the most beautiful buildings in Italy: Genoa’s Royal Palace. The Palace is furnished with its original furniture and fine art from the 17th century that are still present in the sumptuous rooms. Genoa’s Royal Palace is a look into the past that tells the history of the city and the Genoese.

  • Take a walk through the vibrant neighborhood of Boccadasse, an old mariners' village in Genoa. The city is designed with colorful pastel buildings built right on the port of the sea and medieval castles that add to its historic past. The neighborhood still consists of local fishermen doing their traditional work but has become a place tourists love to visit and explore the restaurant, bakeries, and art galleries.

  • Tour one of Genoa’s most historical streets, Via Garibaldi. It is well known for its classical palaces built by the Genoese aristocracy during the Renaissance and it is part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the mid-1500s, Genoa was the prime city for the arts and became enriched with decorative stuccos, carved marble, beautiful gardens, elaborate fountains, and precious art collections. Via Garibaldi is home to majority of the museums that care for these priceless Genoese treasures.

  • Learn how to make authentic Genoese pesto by taking a pesto cooking class right at Hotel Bristol Palace. Guests have the opportunity to learn how to make traditional pesto by talented chefs at the hotel.

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