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  • Encounter the birthplace of pesto. The base ingredient for any pesto is basil, specifically Genovese basil which is sweet in taste. The Trattoria Rosmarino serves the most popular pesto in Genoa due the locally sourced ingredients: pesto, salty parmesan cheese, pure Italian pine nuts and olive oil.

  • Devour some of the best seafood Genoa has to offer! A short drive from Bristol Palace will take guests into Boccadasse, a quaint fishing village with fresh caught seafood daily. Tucked away in the village is Ristorante Crueza de Ma that serves up local's favorites: fried sardines and baby octopus.

  • Try a slice of Italian pizza made with diet-friendly ingredients for those who love pizza but have allergies or intolerances to the traditional dough. Pizzeria 23 Febbraio mastered keeping the authentic taste of Italian pizza that is loved by the world with creating a dough made with wheat, soy, and rice flour that makes it more digestible for guests to consume. The dough is fermented for 72 hours and once ready, can be topped with a variety of toppings including the fan favorite caramelized onions and Pecorino Romano cream. A five minute drive from Bristol Palace, this pizzeria has a variety of options for all to enjoy.
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