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  • Discover the extraordinary interiors of the Hotel España, which was designed by the great Catalonian architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner. An important figure in the Modernisme architecture movement, Montaner incorporated a rich variety of historically-derived elements throughout the hotel. His innovative work continues to inspire and delight, even influencing the hotel’s gastronomic director, Martín Berasategui.

  • Wonder at the five-meter-high alabaster fireplace in the hotel’s Bar Arnau. Created by famous modernist sculptor Eusebi Arnau, the sculpted centerpiece represents the passage of time between birth and old age. Atop the fireplace, Arnau placed a large Shield of Austria.

  • Admire the stunning sgraffito of swimming Sirens completed by painter Ramón Casas. Commissioned by Montaner to decorate what was the original dining room, Casas dubbed the space La Pecera (the Fishbowl). Today, the room is called Salón de las Sirenas (the Sirens Lounge), and it serves as one of the Hotel España’s unique event venues.

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