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Enjoy a day of pampering at the Bathhouse spa. Designed to reflect the vibrant blues of the sea and sky, the Bathhouse recreates the romantic spirit of an era that captivated nineteenth-century British traveler Charles Edwardes. The Finnish sauna, jacuzzi, and exotic massages are are the perfect addition for those looking to experience a whole new level of paradise on the isle of La Palma.

The treatments at the Bathhouse spa protect and care for both the body and mind. Skilled massage therapists specializing in a variety of wellness techniques create tailored treatments to ensure each guest receives a unique, rejuvenating experience.

A day at the Bathhouse spa could include morning yoga on the beach, followed by a detoxifiying green clay body wrap, and a relaxing massage with slightly heated aromatic oils. Traditional massage techniques from India and Japan are also popular among guests looking to rebalance and revitalize.

Take a piece of paradise home by taking an introductory couples massage course from the experts at the Bathhouse spa. Learn how to release blocks and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Guests will come away with timeless, traditional methods for holistic well-being.

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