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  • Explore the exquisite Piazza San Marco, one of Venice’s most renowned historic destinations. This famous public square was established during the ninth century, but adopted its current size and form in 1177, and was paved one hundred years later. Flanked by the arcaded Procuratie Vecchie and Procuratie Nuove, and two of the city's top sights – Basilica di San Marco and Museo Correr – Piazza San Marco beautifully encapsulates the splendor of Venice's past.

  • Visit the Arsenale di Venezia, a massive Byzantine armory and shipyard. Originally founded in the early 12th century, the Arsenale di Venezia is among the city’s best-preserved historic sites and houses the city’s Naval Museum which chronicles the maritime prowess of the ancient Venetian Republic. Its cavernous halls and landscaped gardens are also used as one of the main venues for the Biennale, the prestigious international art exhibition which has been held annually in Venice since 1895.

  • Tour the Palazzo Ducale, the former residence of the Doge and the ultimate symbol of power the Venetian Republic. A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the palace was built in 1340 and extended and modified in the following centuries.

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