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Discover Knutholmen Hotell, which was constructed from several buildings that once constituted a vibrant 19th-century marketplace.

Knutholmen Hotell was constructed during the historic reign of the United Kingdom’s famed Queen Victoria, who sat on the British throne from 1837 to 1901.

Comprised of a string of several historic buildings, Knutholmen Hotell represents the dynamic heritage of Kalvag. The charming complex that once constituted the hotel served as a 19th-century marketplace. It featured a salting shop, bakery, guesthouses, and many other businesses. Kalvag itself was one of the most popular fishing villages in the 1860s, attracting over 11,000 visitors during the high-season. By 1871, the village housed 52 salting mills that boasted a total of 35,340 barrels. For almost a century, Kalvag experienced a steady stream of business, until the 1960s, when the industry experienced a decline as a result of the over-fishing of herring. Today, Kalvag remains a leader in the fishing industry, using ethical practices.