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Celebrating a wedding on a historic estate surrounded by peaceful nature is an adventurous experience for both the bride and groom and the guests. A romantic garden wedding in the summer, or a stylish winter wedding in an atmospheric room. Music and loud laughter under majestic crystal chandeliers, or flickering candles in a romantic basement room. Losby Gods have seven wedding venues, each with its own unique atmosphere, which accommodates weddings for anywhere from 10 to 140 guests.

Take wedding guests on a journey back in time in the Old Estate. This part of the hotel with glittering crystal chandeliers, antique furniture and wooden floors that creak under the pen shoes was built in 1850. The wedding party has access to a cloakroom, bar, ballroom, library, several lounges and a private balcony overlooking the garden.

Losby Gods has a number of unique venues to select from. The Meyersalen venue is a large and flexible room with space for up to 140 people. The room has soaring ceilings, a private balcony facing the garden, and majestic chandeliers that cast a solemn glow over the event. The bright and charming restaurant rooms are suitable for weddings with between 10 and 55 guests. And for a very special experience, the bride and groom can host guests in the hotel's wine cellar where flickering candles, red brick walls and dark wood add a unique and romantic edge to the event.

Losby Gods has arranged a large number of weddings throughout its 150 year history. The hotel's experienced events staff has a detailed playbook that ensures all aspects of the wedding are covered and executed seemlessly. Couples who choose to host their wedding at Losby Gods are guaranteed an enchanting experience that fulfills all their dreams and expectations.

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