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Discover Lysebu, which was originally built during World War I by architect Magnus Poulsson.

Kavaler Salon and Peisestue, or The Fireplace Room, were designed and furnished by Magnus Poulsson during Lysebu’s initial construction when the property was used as his private residence. The dining room is known for its intricate ceilings, chandeliers, and custom-made tapestries by Kristin Lindberg. Presented by Queen Margrethe of Denmark, the tapestries were specifically ordered for The Kavaler Salon.

At the turn of the century, renowned architect Arne Henriksen designed two dining rooms, Utsikten and Skogstuen, translated to “The View” and “The Forest Room” respectively. With expansive floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, Utsikten and Skogstuen offer breathtaking views of Nordmarka, toward Sørkedalen valley and the Norefjell Mountains in the distance. The restaurants showcase Nordic artwork, including Per Kirkeby’s famous "Lysebubildet" which was inspired by and painted for Lysebu itself.

Lysebu takes pride in their creative menu and treats every dish as a work of art. The overwhelming positive responses from the guests elicited the hotel’s culinary tour of Norway with its first cookbook. Visit the Lysebu kitchen for any meal of the day. Enjoy a Sunday-style breakfast buffet everyday with fresh-baked bread, eggs, charcuterie, cheeses, and fruit. The lunch buffet menu is constantly modified, taking advantage of seasonal delicacies and the local produce and flavors. Dinner at a Lysebu dining room is an elegant treat with damask, silver, and porcelain adorning the table tops. A special dinner menu inspired by Nordic traditions is prepared by the house chef.

Originally an underground water well, the two wine cellars at Lysebu house over 5,500 bottles of distinguished vintages. Adjacent to the cellars, the tasting room invites guests to immerse themselves with a premium vintage or flights.