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  • Admire the statuesque beauty of Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. Mid-Century Modern in style, the hotel is a distinctive vision in stately red brick. Its defining feature is, undoubtedly, a gracefully curved exterior wall that harbors an elevated, horseshoe-shaped courtyard. Towering 15 stories over Sydney’s central business district, it is one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest single-brick structures.

  • Enjoy a moment of peace in Sofitel Sydney Wentworth’s courtyard garden. Raised up above street level over the hotel’s entrance, within the sheltering arms of its curvilinear exterior, the courtyard offers a serene retreat from the hustle and bustle that awaits just outside the entry doors. Stop by for a quiet conversation, a moment of sunshine, or to simply gaze up in awe at the building soaring overhead.

  • Stop and smell the roses in the hotel lobby. Keeping with Sofitel traditions, this elegant area plays host to striking botanical displays styled after the Jardin à la Française at the Palace of Versailles. Further adding to this lush sensory experience is an exquisite lobby perfume, crafted with specially selected scents by L’Artisan Parfumeur. The opulent vignette makes for an appropriately grand entrance, whether greeting guests for the very first time or welcoming them back after a busy day in the city.

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