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  • Get a breathtaking, bird’s-eye view (literally) of the Sydney skyline from the peak of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Nicknamed “The Coat Hanger,” due to its shape, this iconic bridge carries more than just trains, vehicles, and bikes to their destinations. It also plays host to BridgeClimb Sydney, an exhilarating walking tour that takes participants up the largest steel arch in the world.

  • Take in a show at the Sydney Opera House. Along with being an architectural marvel and UNESCO World Heritage Site, this famed building is also a world-class opera house. Although visitors can certainly just enjoy its beauty during a guided tour, to fully appreciate this true Australian icon, take time to enjoy a performance there. From opera and musical theatre to comedy and dance, there is something for everyone.

  • Go in search of gentle giants with some whale watching. From mid-May to November, Sydney’s coastline sees over 40,000 southern right and humpback whales make their annual pilgrimage from the icy waters of Antarctica to the Pacific’s warmer climes. While whale-watching cruisers offer some incredible close-up views, the migrating whales can also be seen from the area’s cliff-walking trails and even inside Sydney Harbour, as they typically like to swim close to shore.

  • Soak up some sunshine from one of Sydney’s famous beaches. Whether surfing or snorkeling, celebrity spotting or sun-worshipping, there is a beach for everyone in Sydney. Bondi Beach is the closest to the city center and, arguably, its most famous. Equally popular Manly Beach is perfect for aspiring surfers, while nearby Shelly Beach is a snorkeler’s dream. Alternatively, for something decidedly less sandy, head over to Coogee Beach instead, which offers three ocean pools, perfect for saltwater dips without all the waves (usually).

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