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  • Admire the alpine charm of the Straand Hotel. Early on, the hotel featured Norwegian vernacular architecture called byggeskikk. The style used time-tested construction techniques and design details that had been utilized by Norwegians for generations. While many of those elements remain, one will also notice a resemblance to a charming Swiss chalet. This aesthetic nods to the hotel's idyllic mountain setting, with features like gabled roofs accented with carved wood details.

  • Appreciate the family-run Straand Hotel's long-running commitment to hospitality, a cherished tradition passed down for five generations. Started by Olav and Kari Straand in 1864, the hotel was created to complement one of their prior business endeavors: a bus station they opened on one of their homestead's surrounding pastures to support their farm. Thanks to the village of Vrådal's mountain location, the bus station was a raving success, so much so that the Straands moved into their kitchen to open the rest of their farmhouse to travelers passing through. More than 150 years later, the hotel is now in the hands of the fifth generation of Straands and has seen the addition of everything from a wine cellar to a conference center. Marvel at the family's legacy by looking at the historical photos that decorate many of the hotel's walls.

  • Unwind after a day of adventures in true Norwegian fashion with some time spent in the hotel's sauna, open in the morning and early evening. An integral part of Nordic culture, these heated, wood-lined rooms help get circulation flowing, offering the perfect way to recover after a day spent hiking, biking, or paddling. A sauna is not just a sauna in Norway, however. It is also a beloved social hub where family, friends, and neighbors gather to swap stories and strengthen their bonds, making for an excellent opportunity to experience an authentic taste of life in Norway.

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