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  • Discover the historic charm of The Great House Antigua with its unique blend of antique furnishings. From Georgian-era Chippendale furniture to ancient maps of the Caribbean Island, guests will be amazed at all that there is to discover. A particularly interesting artifact is the original water filtration system. Made from blocks of limestone, these pots once filtered and cooled the drinking water for the inhabitants of the estate.

  • Learn about The Great House’s history as a sugar plantation and explore the original Sugar Mill and its remaining machinery. Sugarcane plantations first appeared on the island in 1674 when Christopher Codrington established the first sugar mill named Betty’s Hope, which neighbors The Great House Antigua. The site is also home to a small museum detailing the mill’s original operations and providing crucial information about the Caribbean’s complicated colonial history.

  • Enjoy the view from The Great House Antigua with its amazing panorama of the Caribbean, a private bay and the island of Guiana. Historically, plantation houses were built on an elevated position to benefit from the breezy coastal winds. Thus, The Great House was built upon a hill overlooking the sea, keeping the property consistently cool and relaxing while affording stunning views.

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