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  • Discover the enchanting grounds of this medieval chateau located in the heart of Burgundy. Relax in the "Clos du Château", the chateau’s peaceful terrace with views of the golf course. Take a stroll through the hotel's park where the XIV Dalaï-lama planted a magnificent cedar tree during his visit in 1997. One of the best ways to experience the majesty of this estate is from the air. Hot air balloons and helicopter rides are popular among guests, and the hotel will happily arrange such excursions upon request.

  • Feel the energy in the "Dôme du Cosmos", the chateau’s ecumenical epicenter. When Yasuhiko Sata purchased the chateau in 1987, he regretted that there was not a chapel located on the grounds. The artist Irene Van Vlijmen was hired to create this spiritual space. Located at the top of one of the towers, the "Dôme du Cosmos" is a true work of art representing the creation of the world and the four fundamental elements of life: water, fire, air, and earth. The magnificent mosaics made of 250,000 tiles of multicolored glass line the walls, floor, and ceiling.

  • Discover the chateau’s impressive art collection. Paintings by abstract artist Yu-Kun Yang are displayed throughout the castle and feature prominently in Restaurant L'Armançon. Guests can also admire the sculptures created by renowned English sculptor Paul Day. The sculptures are displayed on the staircase leading down to the Rubillon river.

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