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  • Explore the resort by horseback with the Half Moon Equestrian Centre. With over 30 years of experience, the Equestrian Centre offers guests of all ages a unique way to experience the resort’s 400 acres. Adventures are available for all skill levels, from Pony Park Rides and the Rookies’ Roundup to a laidback Sand Stroll and even a swim in the Caribbean Sea. Helmets are provided and mandatory.

  • Take in Half Moon’s two miles of beachfront by enjoying one of the many water sports offered by the resort. Aquatic activities run the gamut from leisurely kayaking and snorkeling (included with stay) to sailing and windsurfing to adrenaline-fueled experiences like parasailing and water-skiing. Animal lovers can also glimpse Montego Bay’s marine life without getting their feet wet on a glass-bottom boat tour, while PADI certification and tank dives are available for more intrepid travelers.

  • Assist with Half Moon’s sea turtle conservation efforts. The resort’s beachfront is a nesting ground for Hawksbill sea turtles, the world’s most endangered population of sea turtles, who return to the same area where they were born to lay their eggs. Depending on the time of year, guests can join trained staff members (licensed as wardens through NEPA, or the National Environmental Planning Agency) in helping to increase the hatchlings’ chances of survival. By being present for their entry into the world, people help to shield them from predators like birds and crabs.

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