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Discover the Hotel Britania Art Deco, which was designed by renowned Portuguese architect Cassiano Branco.

At Hotel Britania Art Deco, breakfast is a lavish affair served in the library and the bar area. Headlined by sparkling wine, this breakfast buffet includes a wide range of fresh pastries – from the famous Pasteis de Nata to a variety of cakes – as well as a range of regional smoked hams, local cheeses and fresh fruits. A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and a mug of Portugal’s excellent coffee are not to be skipped.

The bar is a good place to explore Portuguese wines, socialize with locals and fellow travelers, and learn about the storied past of both the hotel and the country of Portugal. The walls of the bar are decorated with various coats of arms from territories that were once part of the Portuguese Empire. In addition to the coats of arms, the original frescoes “The Protecting Angels of Portugal” and “O Adamastor” remain painted on the wall as a reminder of the dangers that Portuguese navigators faced while at sea.

There is also a room service menu of light snacks, salads and sandwiches, for those who would prefer to eat in rather than at one of the many local restaurants nearby.