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  • Discover the spectacular architectural design of Hotel Britania Art Deco. Designed by modernist architect Cassiano Branco in 1942 and opening in 1944, this boutique hotel encapsulates the Art Deco era. Original marble floors, walls, and columns welcome guests into the lobby. Behind the reception desk, framed architectural prints hang on the wall. More contemporary additions pay tribute to the hotel’s history, like the art-deco inspired entrance door which was added in 1997, and the armillary sphere created by sculptor Charters de Almeida to replace its bronze predecessor.

  • Relax in the hotel’s sitting room and library. The stuccoes and recessed skylight have both been restored to their former glory. On the walls, guests can see photographs from the 1940s and the 1950s including images of famous Spanish actress Carmen Sevilla enjoying a drink at the hotel’s bar. Hotel Britania Art Deco has quite the literary pedigree, previously being owned by Alfredo Machado, the husband of famous Portuguese author, Natália Correia.

  • Learn about the Hotel Britania Art Deco’s fascinating history on a guided tour. Some of the highlights include the original tiny barbershop, now a mini museum with various cultural artifacts, and the lobby showcase which artfully displays historic images of the hotel’s previous restaurant and pieces from the Vista Alegre porcelain service. The glassware and cutlery items have the emblem of the Hotel do Império, the original name of Hotel Britania Art Deco.

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