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  • Taste the famous Pastel de Belém, a Portuguese egg custard tart pastry celebrated as one of the Seven Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy. The first recipe of the Pastel de Belém was created in 1837 by the monks of the Jerónimos Monastery. Today, the pastry is made at the Fábrica Pastéis de Belém, a family-run bakery that has been specializing in the pastry for more than 100 years. To date, their recipe is kept secret and the name is even patented meaning the only place to try the original Pastéis de Belém is at the Fábrica Pastéis de Belém. However, these sweet treats can also be found in other patisseries in Lisbon under the name Pastel de Nata. In fact, guests at Hotel Britania Art Deco can enjoy this delicacy every morning at the hotel’s breakfast.

  • Taste all seven wonders of Portuguese gastronomy. Sete maravilhas da gastronomia (seven wonders of gastronomy) is part of the larger organization Sete Maravilhas de Portugal (Seven Wonders of Portugal), which was founded in 2011 by the Ministry of Culture to celebrate the country’s cultural heritage. Portuguese citizens voting in the gastronomy category had to consider the following criteria: the dish would need to have a documented history of at least 50 years, be traditionally made within Portugal with locally available ingredients, and represent the diversity and culinary culture of Portugal. The aforementioned Pastel de Belém made the list, as well as Alheiras de Mirandela, Queijo Serra da Estrela, Caldo Verde, Sardinha Assada, Arroz de Marisco, and Leitão da Bairrada.

  • Enjoy some Ginjinha, Lisbon’s local liqueur. Made by soaking sour morello cherries in brandy, this tart liqueur is served in small shot glasses or sometimes even edible chocolate cups. Ginjinha is best experienced within a traditional ginjinha bar, often a tiny tavern with room for no more than four patrons. One of the most popular ginjinha bars is the A Ginjinha bar. Dating back to 1840, the bar has been run by the same family for five generations.

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