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• Discover the amazing Art Nouveau architecture of the Hotel Diplomat. Originally built as a residential palace in 1911, the structure debuted with two ornate wings centered around a beautiful courtyard. The building only became a boutique hotel when the Malmström family acquired the site some five decades later.

• Admire the historic accommodations of this fantastic historic hotel. In 1962, the Romanian Embassy relocated its premises inside 15 of the Hotel Diplomat’s luxurious guestrooms. In fact, the building’s name is a direct reflection of its status as Stockholm’s premier hotel for ambassadors the world over.

• Marvel at the stunning historical structures that line the Strandvägen of Stockholm’s Östermalm neighborhood. The Strandvägen is a boulevard that runs right next to the Hotel Diplomat, which was developed at the behest of King Oscar II in the late 19th century. The Strandvägen now is home to many fantastic shops and restaurants that provide for hours of entertainment.

• Gaze upon the majestic waters of the Nybroviken just beyond the Hotel Diplomat’s front door. A small bay in the middle of Stockholm, the Nybroviken’s name is derived from a historical bridge called the “Nybro” that once crossed the water to reach the Nybrogatan. It is a frequent departure point for ferries transporting people bound for the Djurgården and other places located throughout the Stockholm Archipelago.

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