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• Taste Swedish meatballs, one of the most iconic meals in all of Sweden. Hotel Diplomat’s Restaurant and Bar offers its own brilliant take on the classic dish, serving the delicacy alongside potato purée, lingonberries, and a wonderful cream sauce.

• Delight in some afternoon tea while staying at the Hotel Diplomat, which has been a local tradition since the late 1960s. Indulge in warm scones with homemade marmalade, exquisite finger sandwiches, and delicate pastry creations.

• Savor a glass of fantastic wine at Butiken. Located inside the Hotel Diplomat, Butiken is a farm shop that offers a wealth of nutritious products that are carefully selected by season from local suppliers. The venue also features a selection of the hotel’s own products that include healthy smoothies, several different breakfast options, salads, and light meals.

• Enjoy some Kanelbulle when out exploring Stockholm. Regarded as one of Sweden’s iconic treats, Kanelbulle is essentially a delicious pastry made from lightly sweetened bread known as “vetebröd.” While cinnamon is the most common type of Kanelbulle, bakers also flavor the roll with saffron and vanilla.

• Try another beloved local dish known as “Toast Skagen.” This outstanding meal consists of fresh shrimps and a mixture of mayonnaise, dill, and lemon. Toast Skagen is also prepared upon crispy bread, topped with an elegant layer of fish roe.

• Feast upon a delicious casserole called “Jansson’s Temptation.” Originally a Christmas dish, Jansson’s Temptation is made with a combination of creamy potatoes and anchovies. Its specifically named after Pelle Janzon, an opera singer form the early 20th century who loved to sample all kinds of different foods.

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