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  • Experience the twists and turns of life in Fjord Norway on the Geiranger – Trollstigen Tourist Road, or “The Troll Path.” One of the country’s official scenic routes, and arguably its most famous, Trollstigen’s dizzying hairpin bends (11 altogether) through the mountains are equally as iconic as the breathtaking views it offers. This serpentine mountain pass opened in 1936 and has been drawing wanderlusting road warriors, intrepid travel writers, and car commercial filmmakers ever since. Along the way, be sure to enjoy a pitstop at Ørnesvingen, meaning “The Eagle’s Bend.” Located along a stretch of the route known as Ørnevegen (or “The Eagle Road”), this panoramic overlook touts a sweeping vista of Geiranger and the fjord beyond.

  • Feel the mist of Geirangerfjord’s waterfalls as they thunderously careen down the cliff face. Several waterfalls call the Geirangerfjord home, most notably “The Seven Sisters,” De Syv Søstre in Norwegian, “The Suitor,” or Friaren, and “The Bridal Veil,” or Brudesløret. The Seven Sisters gets its name from the waterfall’s seven separate streams that are said to resemble the hair of seven maidens. As the story goes, each of the sisters is unmarried, and “The Suitor,” which pours into the water on the opposite side of the fjord, does his best to court them and win the heart of one lucky lady. Nearby, “The Bridal Veil” waits patiently, dropping delicately over the edge of the cliff like a dainty veil laid over the rocks. The best way to take in either of these waterfalls is from the water below during a boat or kayak tour. Alternatively, those wanting a different perspective of Geirangerfjord’s waterfalls can also go in search of Storseterfossen. Though not as jaw-droppingly impressive as some of the other waterfalls in the area, this slightly hidden gem is the only waterfall in the area that hikers can actually walk behind. Fascinatingly, one pathway that leads there was made by sherpas from Nepal and features hundreds of stone steps.

  • Get out on the water and drink in the majesty of the Geirangerfjord during a fjord cruise, RIB tour, or kayak adventure. There is no better way to experience the fjord’s untouched beauty than from the heart of it all. From leisurely cruises through three distinctive fjords to adrenaline-pumping fjord safaris on a high-speed RIB (rigid inflatable boat) to arm-powered sea kayaks that can get paddlers up close and person with the likes of the “Seven Sisters” waterfall, there is an on-the-water expedition to suit travelers and itineraries of all sorts. Lucky boaters may even enjoy an appearance by an extra-special tour guide or two: porpoises!

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