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  • Taste the bounty of Geirangerfjorden at Hotel Union Geiranger’s onsite dining venues. Serving since 1970, Restaurant Fjorden is the hotel’s resident buffet, featuring a bottomless feast of homemade Norwegian cuisine made with seasonal, locally sourced products. Right next door, Restaurant Julie, named for one of the hotel’s original stewards, Julie Mjelva, offers elegantly plated à la carte dishes with a side of spectacular fjord views. Café Løsta, meanwhile, serves up locally brewed beer and cider poolside, along with light bites perfect for a laidback lunch.

  • Indulge in something sweet from Geiranger Sjokolade, the village’s quaint chocolate shop. This award-winning chocolate factory crafts made-from-scratch chocolates inspired by Norway’s famous fjords and produced with local ingredients, all lovingly made in the shop’s boathouse basement to ensure conditions are right for chocolatiering. Even the packaging that many of the chocolates come in is shaped like the country’s mountain peaks. Be sure to try some of the factory’s most celebrated flavors, like Norsk Akevitt (made with aquavit and marzipan), Kraftkar (made with melted blue cheese), and the caramelly Vesterås (made with melted Norwegian brown cheese and summer honey from a local farm).

  • Start the day with sveler, or Norwegian pancakes. Prominently served onboard ferries, as well as cafés throughout Norway’s west coast, the svele can be eaten warm or cold and are traditionally filled with a selection of toppings, like buttercream, sweet brown cheese, jam, sour cream, honey, or sugar before folding in half to enjoy alongside a cup of coffee. Sveler are as historic as they are delicious. Hailing from the 1300s, these quintessential Norwegian treats were once made by poor farming families as a tasty way to make use of leftover sour milk from their cows before it went bad, mixing it with flour and perhaps other surplus ingredients like breadcrumbs or porridge before frying them.

  • Savor stunning bird’s-eye views of the Geirangerfjord while tucking into fantastic farm-to-table dishes at a working, centuries-old mountain farm. Perched on a mountainside overlooking Geiranger and the fjord, Westerås Farm has been in the same family since 1603, passed down from father to son. The meal takes place in an old wooden barn made with boards hand-hewn by an axe, although some outdoor seating is also available, and features a small menu made with ingredients grown right there at the farm. During the visit, take some time to explore the farm, which still functions in the traditional manner passed down through the generations. Not only do goats, sheep, and llamas call the farm home, grazing upon the grass to preserve the landscape, but the farm is also the starting point for several hikes throughout the area, including the route that runs behind the Storseterfossen waterfall.

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