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  • Elegance, luxury and attention to detail - amazing trip!

    Elegance, luxury and attention to detail - amazing trip!

    by JMApr2021 on 2021-04-11 08:13 pm

    A weekend staycation for a special birthday - staff and whole hotel experience was exceptional
    Accommodation was perfect and faultless
    History tour was great - a real incite into the amazing history of Raffles Hotel
    Food and Beverage - was perfect in all establishments
    For a special occasion I don't think there is a better hotel!

  • Great


    by Leoootttan on 2021-04-11 11:12 am

    Spent 3D2N here with my family. Overall it is good, walking distance from so many good spots and the breakfast was pure solid. Yums to that. Good service and nice deco. Couldn't get the name of the front office that checked me in but cheers to them. Will come back!

  • Fantastic service

    Fantastic service

    by shaker97 on 2021-04-10 06:49 am

    Pricey but service is top notch, a standard all other hotels should follow. Appreciated the butler service. Any issues were dealt with promptly. More signs could have been indicated within the hotel for better directions tho. I thought the gates could not be opened from the inside so I was "trapped" for a while!

  • Decent stay but we never felt like we are guests there. A one-off stay.

    Decent stay but we never felt like we are guests there. A one-off stay.

    by maninkhaki on 2021-04-09 011:04 pm

    We decided to experience the hype about Raffles Hotel after watching their documentary at Channel News Asia. As such, I used my SRV for a stay here for 2 nights.

    I completed their pre-arrival check in so that really sped up the check-in process. We were led to our Courtyard Suite immediately by the service staff at the lobby.

    The room was huge and well-appointed. Our butler didn't manage to show us around our room as we had a lunch reservation and we couldn't wait for her. I guess she was busy but she did say she would come by later.

    We tried their in-room dining and the food was excellent. We didn't had to wait for the food to be delivered and our butler did a good job laying out the food for us.

    Breakfast was a mixed affair as on the 2nd day, my wife was served bacon in her omelette when she specifically asked to exclude it. This is a huge disappointment as it shows that the kitchen staff are careless when dealing with specific requests.

    Another aspect of the stay which we were disappointed was how the check-out process pan out. I understand that the Covid situation changes the experience but they promised to call us from 10am to 12pm to confirm our final bill but no such call happened.

    We gave up and check out and I'm surprised the butler didn't even call to offer luggage assistance. We made our way to the lobby and took a cab out.

    We stayed at other prestigious hotels and we never experienced such an indifferent check out experience. I received a call from one of the staff only when I reached home.

    Overall, we enjoyed our stay but the end ruined it for us. We have stayed in better properties than this.

  • Beyond what i've expected

    Beyond what i've expected

    by wilometravels on 2021-04-07 04:28 pm

    The hotel didn't inspire confidence at first, given the replies before payment. Wrong dates given in emails, slow replies.

    After payment, it was as though another team took over completely, and replies were speedy.

    Replies after the stay seem to have slowed down.

    This was the only inconsistent thing about Raffles, which makes me feel like quality service is only for the people who have paid up for their trip.

    That being said, I still found my experience with Raffles pleasant.

    I arrived at Raffles and a photo was taken for us at the grand lobby. I expected to be sold the photo, but it was printed for us and left in the suite's table during the turn down service.

    The service staff also escorted me and my guests to the suite, which they felt was a personal touch as well. Staff also knew us by names, which was pretty amazing.

    What made the experience for me was the butler service. I've never seen such a quick response to my requests at other hotels under Accor.

    I made requests for
    - Breakfast outside my room (delivered under 30 minutes, they need to setup the entire set menu)
    - Extra bathrobes (delivered in 10-15 minutes)
    - Inclusion of my family members on the history tour
    - Ice Bucket (delivered in 10-15 minutes)
    - Wine Bucket with Ice (delivered in 10-15 minutes)

    and there wasn't a time where i ever doubted if they would deliver.

    I was upgraded to the Personality Suite (booked Palm Court Suite) and really appreciated it. The Personality Suite was in a more secluded area, so it was good for us.

    The history tour was amazing too ! They helped us to take photos so we did not have to worry about it.

    Lastly, I wished that it was clearer to Accorplus members on their privileges. Raffles is under Accor, but i was not sure if having Accor status (Gold) made my experience any more rewarding.

    They do their best for everyone, which is a good thing in itself, but i might be tempted to book over 3rd party sites over Accor, if the privileges are not made clear.

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