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  • Not recommended

    Not recommended

    by Jorg_D_12 on 2020-08-07 06:41 pm

    Booked a "Suite Life" Staycation some months ago and after a few postponements due to lockdown I went 7-9 August.

    In summary: The hardware is impressive, the service isn't.

    Part of the package was an early check-in at 11 am. But when I arrived at 11 I was told the room wasn't ready. I sat in the lobby waiting and finally was shown to the room at 11.55 am. I was given a SGD 50 voucher to spend at boutique or spa as compensation.

    Part of the package was a historic tour of the building which I'd been looking forward to. But when I tried to book I was told the tour was fully booked for the duration of my stay. A little note on the confirmation letter stating that pre-booking is necessary would have helped.

    Part of the package were a gift from the Raffles boutique and a Singapore Sling drink. After calling and asking about those I was told that I need to go to the boutique (for the gift) and the lobby (for the drink) to claim them. I'm ok to walk around picking up parts of my package but a little note somewhere informing me of that fact would have been helpful, instead of making me investigate.

    My suite was nice except for a leak just inside the door (from the aircon above?). The iPad controlling lights etc was helpful except for the several occasions when the hotel wifi broke down so Netflix stopped running and I was unable to call for help via the iPad. Wifi subsequently resumed but was patchy throughout the stay.

    Breakfast in the Tiffin Room was ok except that both omelette and toast were cold (and limp).

    Overall it's a great property and a green oasis in the middle of the city but for just under 1000 SGD per night (or half, in this 'buy one get one free' deal) I'd expect a bit more attention to detail.

  • Great heritage hotel

    Great heritage hotel

    by annechan on 2020-08-01 03:49 am

    The Raffles hotel is a lovely heritage hotel with amazing decor and fantastic service. We immensely enjoyed our stay during the circuit breaker period. The room was spotless and of a surprisingly good size; the butler was attentive and tended to our needs well; and overall the service level was very high. The location is very convenient and well-placed next to numerous historical sites. Unfortunately the history tour of the hotel itself was way over-subscribed so we didn't have a chance to learn more about its long history; the gallery wall got us a glimpse of what would have been a very interesting story. Oh well, there's always a next time!

  • Staycation


    by J A on 2020-07-31 02:50 am

    The Raffles Hotel is unfortunately a mixed bag. I stayed from 29 to 31 July on their staycation package.

    The hard product, I.e. the suites are a delight. Newly renovated and luxuriously appointed, they provide an excellent respite from the hustle and bustle of city life. The grounds are full of lush greenery and it is easy to see why so many writers have been inspired by their stay. Alas, I too have been inspired to write, and not in a positive way.

    The soft product, I.e. the service, is totally wanting and unbecoming of a hotel that prides itself on its storied past and alleged standards of service. The staff displayed a total lack of initiative, and clearly did not care about the guests.

    For example, we informed the hotel a day in advance that we would be checking in at 1.30pm. We arrived at 1.45pm and the room was not ready. That may be forgiven. However, the staff failed to exercise any initiative to offer a drink, or a table at the Grand Lobby where we could partake in afternoon tea. To make matters worse, she vanished with our IDs and credit card for a good 15 minutes - "no sound, no picture". When we finally decided we'd get afternoon tea, a table took another good 10 minutes to sort out. The best part? We were directed to a table that was empty and right in front of us the whole time.

    The gift of Raffles just keeps giving however, and as I write this review, I've already waited for almost 3 hours for a call-back about a lost and found item. For all their bluster about a butler service, locating a lost item in a known location (the minibar) appears to be a task too gargantuan for them to undertake.
    It pains me to say this, but the Raffles Hotel of today is not worthy of its reputation, having fallen so far. I will not be returning, and would not recommend it to anyone.

  • Even better than expected

    Even better than expected

    by sampatuk on 2020-07-27 011:11 pm

    With everything going on in the world my plans to propose to my girlfriend have changed a fair few times over the past few months. It was originally supposed to happen abroad, but with no outbound travel in sight I decided to find a suitable option in SG. I obviously wanted it to be special, and there are few more special places in Singapore than Raffles Hotel. Under normal circumstances, splashing out on a Hotel less than 500m from our apartment seemed silly, but their amazing 'Suite Life' deal made it an opportunity not to be missed. After having to shift the booking a few times, we finally stayed last weekend, the first available option after staycation limits were lifted.

    From start to finish, my ongoing correspondence with the hotel has been seamless. I had a rather specific plan for the proposal, and had spoken to various people and never once had to repeat myself. Every member of staff was ready to go over and above to ensure things went without a hitch. This type of service is typically only seen in super-premium establishments, and Raffles is just that. The hotel has been beautifully renovated, and the simple touches all add up to a wonderful environment in which to spend a few days.

    In the absence of a couple of the open bars, The Courtyard is the main option for a cocktail. It is a real hidden gem, and would recommend it as a great option for afternoon drinks. The Butler service is also another highlight, Alisha was amazing and i'm extremely grateful for all of her help with proceedings. Roslee also was a great help in stitching together my grand plan, and helped make the weekend even more special.

    In summary, if you are thinking about a staycation in Singapore I cannot recommend Raffles highly enough. It was everything i'd hoped for and more.

  • One of the Best Place we Visited Ever

    One of the Best Place we Visited Ever

    by itaimorag69 on 2020-07-27 05:26 pm

    we had memorable stay there. it was just a one day but Fabulous. staff is well trained and helpful at all the time. Rooms are gorgeous. and we love the interior layout specially. Their Restaurant is one of the best you should visit here in Singapore. delicious and mouth watering foods serving by Well trained staff.

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