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  • Beautiful building, iconic landmark, sad service.

    Beautiful building, iconic landmark, sad service.

    by mjcchester on 2020-10-21 07:49 pm

    The building is so beautifully restored, with no expense spared, but the overall service was classic indifferent Singapore service, letting the whole experience down materially.

    Staff just don't know what is going on. Here are a selection of issues:

    Pre arrival, we picked dates based on restaurant open dates (given to us by staff). 2 weeks after committing, paying, reserving, and booking time off work the hotel came back saying that Dame De Pic was not open for lunch when we were there. (these were dates that they gave us). We rejigged all the reservations, including pool time which must be booked

    The Writers bar is closed because of licensing restrictions, so you cannot have a drink in a bar in the hotel. Except, when we arrived, it was full of people eating and drinking. We asked for a reservation and were told we could only go the night after we leave. We asked her to double check and she came back 30 minutes later saying its totally closed and can't be used. The entire 3 days we were there, there was a crew from Patek Philippe (15 or more people) in there eating food, drinking cocktails, from noon until evening, a huge PP logo by the door. The bar is NOT closed for licensing restrictions if they are serving food and alcohol for multiple days to a crew of watch salespeople. Somebody is telling porkys (Porky Pies - meaning lies). Long Bar is also closed ("licensing restrictions" ?), but it's not our scene.

    When we arrived, they handed us a pile of written confirmations with details different than what we had in their email conformations they had sent. We had email confirmations because the hotel never, ever in our experience, actually picked up the phone. Not once. This is basic stuff. We sent our butler away and she came back with correct details.

    Before coming, we asked (by email of course-phones don't work ?) to have breakfast by the pool and were told that this is impossible, only in the Tiffin Room. We asked 5 more times (as a friend had recently done it and recommended it) and in the end it was possible, but impossible to reserve. Must walk-in. When we got there we asked 2 more times and suddenly we could reserve all three days in advance. Breakfast by the pool was the best experience we had there. Don't' take no for an answer when they tell you it's not possible, you are just speaking with a lazy person who doesn't want to check.

    We booked high tea in the lobby, months in advance. When we arrived we were given a table in the middle of the room where everyone walks by you when entering the hotel. We asked to move to a corner or window and they were reserved for other guests (presumably who booked more than 2 months before us and specified the table?) When I asked, I got a blank stare of someone caught telling porkys. (?). Sensing my agitation, they found us a compromise table that had 'suddenly come available' like they were doing me a favour as a hotel resident. This is just lazy slop.

    Guy waiting at the car door at the entrance is spectacular

    French manager running the Butcher Block restaurant, and the Somm there were superb. Restaurant is expensive but very good. Corn taco the standout dish.

    The chap manning the pool bar was personable and attentive. The pool itself is also gorgeous and despite being in a city was a nice retreat

    Tiffin room food was good

    Billecart Salmon Brut at 128 a bottle almost everywhere in the hotel

    Room fit and finish is awesome. Lighting, bathroom, everything is stunning

    In conclusion, The place is gorgeous, but this is Asia. At well over a thousand dollars a night the service needs to run like a well oiled machine, and this was a mix of indifference, incompetence, and possibly staff themselves not being told what's going on so they can explain when asked. Compared to others in same bracket - Bvulgari Bali, anything at all by Como, anything by Four Seasons, this was a big letdown, but presumably they are going for one-time customers looking to tick Raffles off the list, who probably won't return.

  • Legendary Singapore hotel, immaculately restored

    Legendary Singapore hotel, immaculately restored

    by andrewromanis on 2020-10-17 06:31 pm

    Spent a one-night staycation here last week having waited patiently for it to re-open after a total refurbishment a couple of years back. The hotel is magnificent, the restoration has been done so as to retain the storied history of La Grande Dame but also bringing it up to to date. Each room is a suite and ours had a standalone rolltop bath which was wonderful. Room was massive, four-poster bed extremely comfortable, staff were discrete and of the highest order. Could not fault anything, a wonderful experience and we cannot wait to go back

  • Staycation


    by hytay on 2020-10-01 05:17 am

    Had a wonderful stay at the grand 'ld lady. It was not just the lovely ambience but the wonderful hospitality from Elana who greeted us to Chadi, hotel manager, who graciously walked us to our room with our luggage when he found us wandering around lost in the hotel grounds. The hotel staff really went out of their way to make our stay special. Much appreciated it!

  • Majestic Grand Dame

    Majestic Grand Dame

    by limboonchung on 2020-09-27 06:17 am

    It was an opportunity not to be missed as we celebrated our wedding anniversary cum "Singapoliday" at the Grand Dame. Despite all the Covid-19 measures that had to be in place, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay as the hospitable staff were always attentive & warmth towards our needs and request. The recent restoration of this heritage hotel certainly improved its amenities without losing its original glam as compared to our stay 6 years ago.
    Breakfast though limited by choice but quality was definitely assured ! Love the egg Benedict's and strong coffee ?. Tiffin Room also offered a wide variety of exciting curries that left us spoilt for choice and we eventually settled for the set with free flow fresh fluffy delicious naans. An experience not to be missed by curry and naan lovers ! Yi restaurant also serve a wide selection of eye and mouth watering dishes that we eventually took the easy option of ordering the set dinner instead. Flavourful and beautiful dishes that entices us to return next round to try the other ala carte dishes again ! It's great to be back to absorb the historical ambience and Raffles Hotel has never failed to live up to its reputation leaving us with fond and beautiful memories of our stay. ??????

  • Oasis in Singapore cith

    Oasis in Singapore cith

    by pickyluxe on 2020-09-27 04:36 am

    This iconic hotel is a beautiful property spread across a block, colonial building with rooms tastefully renovated, excellent food especially the North Indian curries and service.

    Current restrictions around pool usage and some confusion on parking which resulted in us waiting 20 mins to get out of the car park which could have been managed did not spoil the experience.

    Highly recommended

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