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The 12 Personality Suites are a tribute to renowned guests who have visited Raffles over the last century, and feature unique memorabilia related to each legendary name in the parlor and bedroom. Thoughtful and discreet, Raffles butlers are legendary for their delivery of the warmest and most graceful service. From in-suite registration upon arrival, to skillfully packing those extra purchases on departure, no task is too small for a Raffles butler.

Somerset Maugham
Renowned British playwright, novelist and short story writer, Maugham last stayed at Raffles in 1960 – more than 40 years after his very first visit. This suite features a personal letter written by Maugham, giving the hotel permission to use his famous quotation: “Raffles Hotel stands for all the fables of the Exotic East.”

Ava Gardner
Gardner resided at Raffles in the mid-1950s when she was in Singapore for the Asia premiere of her film The Barefoot Contessa.

Charlie Chaplin
When staying in this suite, be sure to look for the photo of Chaplin and his brother in the Tiffin Room that was taken in 1933 by Japanese photographer S. Nakajima.

Joseph Conrad
The author was once a seaman who, on his last visit to Singapore in 1887, visited Raffles and later described it in his novel End of Tether as being “airy as a birdcage”.

Elizabeth Taylor
The multi-award winning British-American actress needs no introduction. Taylor resided at Raffles twice – first in 1957 and again in 1993 with singer Michael Jackson, her dear friend.

Rudyard Kipling
An original Kipling autograph sits in the suite, a tribute to one of England’s greatest writers who coined the phrase “feed at Raffles” during a visit.

Noel Coward
The great British playwright, novelist and actor’s first visit to Raffles was in 1931. His last was almost 40 years later, in 1968.

Andre Malraux
One of the best known French novelists of the 1900s, Malraux stayed at Raffles on many occasions during his travels to the Far East – several of which took place during his appointment as Minister of Information and Minister of Cultural Affairs.

James A. Michener
“To have been young and had a room at Raffles was life at its best,” said Michener, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist who became a regular guest after his first visit in 1949.

Pablo Neruda
Formerly the Consul of Chile in Singapore in 1931, Neruda was one of Chile’s most influential contemporary poets and winner of the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature.

John Wayne
The personification of heroism and one of the greatest film stars of all time, Wayne visited Raffles in the 1970s.

Gavin Young
Award-winning journalist and travel writer, Young was a frequent guest at Raffles during his visits to Singapore. His last stay here was in November 1998.

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