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Discover Brakanes Hotel, which has been a cherished local landmark in western Norway since the mid-19th century.

Tuck into fjord-to-table Norwegian fare while gazing out over the Hardangerfjord at Restaurant Draumen, Brakanes Hotel’s onsite dining venue. From the fruits and vegetables to the meat and cheeses that grace the dining table, the focus here is on locally produced ingredients that have been sourced directly from the farms they were grown on. Due to this ever-evolving seasonal selection, the menu here tends to be on the smaller side. However, what Restaurant Draumen lacks in options, it more than makes up for with freshness. During summertime, lunch and dinner are even served outside in the garden, so guests can luxuriate in the same sunshine that helped give life to the meal in front of them.

Guests looking to unwind with a drink after a day of fjord adventures can do so in Bar Après. Located in the hotel’s reception area, this laidback lounge is open daily and serves a selection of regional refreshments. Along with several varieties of Hardanger’s signature brew, hard apple cider, guests can also sip on locally sourced drinks like apple brandy, apple juice, and craft beer.