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  • Discover Brakanes Hotel’s enduring heritage of hospitality. Opened in 1860 by an Ulvik local named Sjur Brakanes, a business-minded coachman, the hotel got its start as a coaching inn, humble accommodations used by travelers, merchants, and horses alike when visiting or transporting goods throughout the area. Luckily, his hospitality bid was a roaring success, and Brakanes Hotel has been a beloved local fixture ever since.
  • Admire the unrelenting can-do spirit of Brakanes Hotel and its proprietors through the generations. Like much of the world, misfortune fell upon the historic hotel during World War II, when the village of Ulvik came under bombardment by a fleet of German torpedo boats on April 25, 1940. Although Brakanes Hotel was severely damaged, the then-stewards of the hotel, the Lindebrække family, were undeterred. Nine years later, they reopened, while still staying true to the hotel’s historic character and fascinating heritage.
  • Revel in Brakanes Hotel’s charming architecture, which, though revitalized in the early 1950s, harkens back to Norwegian vernacular aesthetics, or byggeskikk, and construction techniques of generations past. Though updated to appeal to contemporary guests and modern comforts, it still maintains an alluring sense of cultural heritage and tradition.
  • Drink in the breathtaking views of the Hardangerfjord offered by Brakanes Hotel’s idyllic shoreside location. Thanks to its waterfront perch, travelers passing through the hotel can take in the stunning scene from its garden, outdoor hot tub, onsite restaurant, fjord lounge, or, for especially lucky guests, fjord-facing balconies in select guestrooms.
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