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  • Experience the jaw-dropping majesty of Mother Nature during a "Hardangerfjord in a Nutshell” tour. During this quintessential Hardanger adventure, travelers enjoy the best that the region has to offer by boat, bus, fjord cruise, train, and on foot—from the Norwegian Nature Centre and Vøringsfossen waterfall to the Hardangervidda mountain plateau and scenic Bergen Railway. Although this tour is available from mid-May through early September, May is the most ideal time as the hillsides are in full bloom for peak blossoming season.
  • Pose for a photo on the iconic Trolltunga, or “Troll Tongue,” just like other hikers before. Arguably the most famous rock formation in all of Norway, Trolltunga cantilevers out over Ringedalsvatnet lake, soaring roughly 2,297 feet (700 meters) above. Although the trail is well-marked, the journey can be challenging. A guide is recommended for those with limited mountain hiking experience.
  • Hop in a RIB boat for an on-the-water safari of the Hardangerfjord. Since many settlements along the fjord are unreachable by road, the best way to experience the region is from the water. Only offered part of the year, RIB tours depart daily between early May though late November from in front of Brakanes Hotel.
  • Follow in the footsteps of the Queen of Norway on H.M. Queen Sonja’s Panorama Hiking Trail. Droningstien, or the “Queen’s Path,” is beloved by the queen for its spectacular overlook of Sørfjorden, the longest branch of the Hardangerfjord, throughout the six- to nine-hour hike. Although the trail is by no means easy, hikers are rewarded with panoramic views of verdant forests, snowy mountain peaks, the alpine Folgefonna Glacier, and orchards that are home to thousands of apple trees.
  • Stand in the spray of the Vøringsfossen waterfall during a tour through the Måbødalen valley. The 83rd-highest waterfall in Norway, with an awe-inspiring drop of 597 feet (182 meters), Vøringsfossen is one of the Hardangerfjord’s most majestic natural wonders, making it a must-visit for any nature-loving travelers visiting the region.
  • Pull out a pair of binoculars for some bird watching. Although the tiny hamlet of Ulvik is home to around only 1,100 people, this fjord village is a true treat for bird watchers. Over 80 species of both common and rare birds have been spotted here, particularly near the town’s marshland areas.
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