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  • Explore the bucolic fjord village of Ulvik. The pearl of the Hardangerfjord, Ulvik enjoys a front-row seat to one of Norway’s most stunning vistas, with forest-blanketed mountains towering above and the sapphire-hued sea unfolding before it. Dotted with a collection of quaint, snowy-white homes, apple-red barns, and verdant fruit farms, one would be forgiven for believing they had been magically whisked away into the pages of a storybook. While wandering, be sure to stop by the Ulvik Church, a picturesque wooden church in the center of town that dates back to the mid-1800s. Its vibrant interior is painted in intricate rosemåling, or “rose painting,” a decorative Norwegian folk art that flourished in the countryside during the 1700s and 1800s.
  • Be inspired by the abounding beauty of the Hardangerfjord, just like renowned Norwegian poet and Ulvik local Olav H. Hauge. Just like many of the villagers that call Ulvik home, Hauge was both a farmer and an orchardist; and it is from his love of seeing things grow that his poetry took root. Pay tribute to his memory and muse by finding joy in the everyday beauty and hardships of life in the western fjordland, whether through film, photography, or, like Hauge, putting pencil to paper.
  • Go on a fruitful adventure along the Hardangerfjord’s Fruit and Cider Route. The “Queen of the Fjords” has also earned the title of the “Orchard of Norway,” courtesy of a collective of fruit farms in the hamlet of Ulvik. Each of the farms opens its doors to guests, peddling sweet wares like cider, apple juice, and other farm-fresh produce, and is an easy stroll from the center of the village. Travelers visiting during May can also experience Siderslepp, a celebration of the region’s famous ciders, while those visiting in October can enjoy Fruktslepp, a festival for the autumnal fruit harvest.
  • Delight in the natural wonders of the wider Hardanger region. This breathtakingly beautiful corner of Fjord Norway has inspired artists, poets, musicians, and awestruck travelers for generations. Not only does it boast the Hardangerfjord (the second-longest fjord in Norway and the third-longest in the world, extending 111 miles [179 km] inland from the Atlantic Ocean), but it also touts Folgefonna (the country’s third-largest glacier), Hardangervidda National Park (the largest in Norway), and, not to mention, some incredible waterfalls. Plus, so much more! Join a boat or bus tour, take out a kayak, or go for a hike to explore them all.
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