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  • Explore Sagastad Viking Center, western Norway’s knowledge center about the Viking Age. The star of the Center is the spectacular Myklebust ship. Thirty meters in length, the ship was discovered in one of the country’s richest, largest, and most spectacular Viking graves. Visitors can explore interactive exhibitions related to the ship and the other grave finds and learn about the rituals, voyages, and cultural history of Nordfjorden.

  • Travel down the Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, also known as the Old Strynefjell Mountain Road. Built by manual labor toward the end of the 19th century, this road conveys a historical narrative. Old stone masonry and long rows of guard stones provide a sense of journeying backward in time. The old road offers imposing contrasts in the landscape: to the east are rounded shapes bearing the stamp of the ice age, and to the west are precipitous mountainsides.

  • Take a day trip to the Geirangerfjord, also known as the “Pearl among Norwegian fjords.” Stretching between Hellesylt and Geiranger, the 20 km / 12 mi long fjord arm and its surrounding area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rent a kayak and enjoy the water surrounded by majestic mountains. Walk the Fosseråsa national hiking trail and pass behind the Storsæter waterfall. There are numerous ways to explore the stunning Geirangerfjord region.

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