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The picturesque village of Stryn is located in the innermost part of Nordfjord. With scenery consisting of massive cliffs, deep blue lagoons, and tremendous waterfalls, Stryn has one of the most splendid landscapes in the world. From Visnes Hotel Stryn, guests can easily stroll to the town center of Stryn or walk along the river. Stryn is perfectly located in the middle of every big tourist attraction in western Norway making it a wonderful location for excursions and day trips. The closest metropolitan city is Ålesund, followed by Bergen to the south and Oslo to the east. The Stryn bus station is a short drive from the hotel. The nearest airport to Stryn is Sandane (SDN) Regional Airport which is 48.9 km / 20.7 mi away, about an hour drive.

Nearest Airport

Other nearby airports include Ørsta-Volda (HOV) Regional Airport (64.8 km / 28.4 mi), Ålesund (AES) International Airport (141.8 km / 49.5 mi), Sogndal (SOG) Regional Airport (157.3 km / 53.6 mi), and Bergen (BGO) International Airport (309.2 km / 122.9 mi).

Hotel Address

Prestestegen, Stryn

Norway 6783

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