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  • Admire the quintessentially Norwegian charm of the Walaker Hotell. Designed in the historic Norwegian vernacular architectural style known as byggeskikk, the hotel, particularly the main building and Tingstova, features centuries-old building construction techniques that have been passed down for generations. Today, guests can get a sense of the hotel’s heritage by staying in one of its historically inspired rooms or drinking in the pastoral ambiance from the porch.

  • Take a stroll through Walaker Hotell’s garden. Nestled in the shadow of soaring mountains, this serene retreat lush with fruit trees, lilac bushes, and climbing white bryony is the perfect place to unwind with a good book or a morning cup of coffee. Sweeping views of the Lustrafjord further set the scene.

  • Marvel at the family dynasty that has watched over the Walaker Hotell for centuries. Owned by the Nitter family for almost ten generations, the family’s stewardship began in 1690, when it was purchased by Christian Nitter and his wife, Birgitt. Since then, nine generations—soon to be ten—have followed in their footsteps and truly perfected the art of hospitality. Their commitment to the hotel and offering travelers passing through warm hospitality continues today, earning it such distinguished guests as King Charles VX and IV of Sweden and Norway.

  • Pay a visit to Gallery Walaker 300. Opened in 1990 to mark the 300-year jubilee of the Nitter family’s care of the Walaker Hotell, the art gallery features exhibitions by local and nationally known artists. A piece of history in its own right, the heritage building that houses the gallery was constructed in 1883 with materials sourced from a wooden church originally built in the village around 1600.

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